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My name is Jim and I am a recovering addict with 13 years clean and sober.  I hope that the valuable life lessons i have learned will help you or your loved one suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism in the family

Alcoholism in the Family – Alcoholism And Marriage Within a family that has an active alcoholic then there is obviously recipe for dysfunction as this

getting help for alcohol addiction

Getting Help For Alcohol Addiction

Getting Alcohol Addiction Help is the first step and reaching out to our experienced certified alcohol interventionist in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, North

local alcohol intervention in New Jersey

Local Alcohol Intervention in New Jersey

New Jersey Alcohol Intervention At local alcohol intervention in New Jersey, our assistance can be the first step in achieving an addiction-free life for your

Depression During Lockdown

Depression During Lockdown

Depression During Lockdown Depression during times of lockdowns can lead to sadness, grief and drug and alcohol abuse.  These are normal human emotions. We all have

living with an alcoholic spouse

Living With An Alcoholic Spouse

Problems are easily hidden during quarantined with an alcoholic spouse. Being home during quarantine with an alcoholic spouse is not easy. You may not have