Alcohol Intervention

With roughly 17 million people in America that display symptoms of an alcohol use disorder each year, there is definitely a very real need for alcohol interventions.

Why Get Help from a Certified Interventionist?

Families may seek out a certified interventionist when their efforts to find help for a loved one with an alcohol abuse problem fail. They may not know how to start a conversation about getting help or find that they have had the “same” conversation about getting help many times, but nothing changed in their addicted loved one’s life.

The addict may deny they have a problem or downplay the seriousness of the situation. They may claim that they can deal with the issue on their own, or say that they aren’t hurting anyone but themselves.

The truth is that this is a difficult situation for any family. Asking for help from a professional certified interventionist makes good sense.

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Alcohol Addiction

We have helped so many alcoholics get their life back.  We have the experience to help you.

Alcoholism Resources

There are many resources available both to those struggling to overcome an alcohol use disorder and to the loved ones who are trying to support them.

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Happy Clients

" Jim there are no words that i can say to express how grateful I am for the gift God gave my family thru you. "
" Jim came into our lives at a time of crisis. He quicky won our trust with his compassion and experience and more importantly, he won the trust of our son. "
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James Reidy

Jim has helped over 300 clients in the country with an family oriented intervention so the addict feels comfortable getting help and family members support the decision and provide support.

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